Thursday, November 02, 2006

So you think I can't see you

For some time now I've been thinking of starting a blog. The idea at first seemed somewhat silly, however I soon came to realize I was wrong. The blog culture has evolved exponentially. The idea caught on so fast, people all around me starting putting up their own personal blogs. I mean everyone, people of all ages, grandma's and grandpa's, their 10 and 15 year old grandchildren, college students, hobbyists, collectors politicians, athletes, you get the jist, anyone with an opinion now has a platform to voice it on.

I remember when I first watched the video short, Epic 2014. It was an interesting take on the power and evolution of Google, the blog, the internet, and our privacy. If you haven't seen it, I definitely suggest finding it online somewhere, just do a Google search.

We get so caught up with technology that we don't get to appreciate how far we've come as a technological society. We seem to be advancing technologically faster than we can keep up as a society. I'm sure there have been many, many essays and books written about this subject. I have a feeling it's one topic that will soon be on more peoples minds.

Privacy will soon become an obsolete word. We're advancing so fast that there is limited time to ascertain what if any ramifications new technologies will have on our civil liberties and privacy rights. If you take a step back and take a broader look at whats going on I think you would be shocked, appalled or maybe even disgusted.

Let's look at Spyware programs. What's this all about? A third party that plants software on your computer to track your every move, everything from keystrokes, to personal and private account numbers to the web pages you visit. Ummm, what? Google is keeping a folder of every person that has ever done a search on google, ever. It's a nice little folder with your name on it. I bet they bank on making some money off that information sometime in the future. As soon as the right politicians get bought and pass legislation that allows private companies to keep diaries of our lives without us even having a choice in the matter. Boy am I excited.

You mean this is legal? Yep, so far it is. Lets get this straight, a third party without my permission or knowledge for that matter, has planted software on my computer. Which coincidentally, also happens to infringe on the performance of my computer. Isn't this breaking and entering but worse. Now a company has personal information about me stored somewhere that it plans on selling to some other company to market their products more efficiently to me, dandy. Oh, the government can also subpoena anything they want from any of these companies in the name of security. But who even needs a subpoena these days.

Even my computer is trying to spy on me and secretly record me and what goes on in the background when I use or view their product. Scandalous, how can one not be cynical or skeptical when this kind of technology is allowed to be used in this country.

Companies are already out there that have legally implanted their employees with a chip. That's right a chip. I haven't fully mastered blogging yet and there are people out there getting chips inserted into their bodies. Wow, things are developing fast, maybe to fast. But who am I to question the speed of technological advancement, I'm just another blogger with some thoughts on my mind that I would like to voice. And because of this amazing and wonderful technological phenomenon, I have a blog in which I can communicate to the whole world with and send them my message. Technological growth is great, it's wonderful to see what brilliant minds come up. I'm somewhat of a gadget connoisseur and am always on the lookout for some new toys. I think I'll pass on anything that wants to stick a chip in me.

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